Want to use the best GPS Vehicle Tracking service in Qatar ?

DDS VTS is ideal for fleet tracking, such as company cars, cement mixers, delivery vehicles, taxi, and much more, as well as personal usages such as family driver-car tracking. We have specialized tracking system for national security investigations.

With our tracking system, you can view your vehicles location, speed, and status in real-time without delay or lag. You can choose from the various mapping options we provide, such as road maps and satellite imagery. Our Server can handle a wide variety of sensors and additional information supplied by GPS units based on your customized needs. unlike other tracking service providers, Digital Dynamics Systems servers located here in Qatar will guarantee high performance and stability while hosting the VTS services, not mentioning the competitive prices and  professional support we provide.

gps vehicle tracking


  • Live vehicle tracking analysis and full report and history generation for each vehicle.
  • Monitor illegal vehicle usage, fuel theft, refilling , consumption, vehicle theft, cargo temperature and fuel cost.
  • Customization monitoring & control functions upon request.
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts based upon kms dates / engine hours.
  • Speed & Violation alerts in real time by SMS, or mobile notifications.
  • Local server available for top security & privacy requirements.
  • Mobile App available in Android & IOS.

Jimi JC100 Dash Camera

JC100 is one of the most advanced dashcams on the market with high-end features like 3G and WIFI connectivity, 1080p video and GPS tracking. The JC100 provides out crystal clear footage day or night for hours on end and it is equipped with a built-in G-sensor to automatically record and lock footage in the instance of a damaging accident. It is also well regarded for its resistance to high heat or extreme cold.

dash cam qatar
dash cam qatar


  • Built-in dual cameras
  • 1080P video recording
  • Live surveillance
  • Night Vision
  • 3G + WIFI
  • GPS tracking
  • Vibration alarm
  • Android 5.1 system
  • Cloud Server

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