For a Smart Construction Project Progress in Qatar



We use different types of drones as well as an advanced flight planning app for the capturing of drone field operations, flight review, and optimal data capture.


By being able to choose offline processing and rendering desktop software, you have full control over data, without needing an internet connection. You can also choose online processing instead for fully automated. We provide the option to process the data at our server as per our customer needs.


On your own desktop, you can gain access to advanced editing features, quality control, and measurements, monitor projects over time, use the drawing overlay for construction, and automatic NDVI map for agriculture.

Here are some of the key features of the Smart Aerial Mapping Service:

Create 3D Models for Measurements

Measurements such as distances, surface, volume measurements, contours and general visualization can be obtained from your server account, which we will keep updating based on the client request.

Cloud-Based Timeline

All data that is collected will regularly be displayed on an easy-to-visualize timeline in the cloud which is perfect to see your sites progress from start to finish.

BIM Comparison for As-Built vs As-Design

As-built orthophotos can be compared with as-desgin drawings just by importing them to the software cloud. This will show construction errors early before it impacts later stages of the build.

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